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Bad Influence - Playing The Blues for Over 30 Years!

Miss the Band? Watch the Bad Influence Live Stream Show On-Demand!

Here's your chance to watch the replay of the February 6th live stream from BLUE HOUSE LIVE. Check it out.. recorded live! No prerecorded nonsense,

Bad Influence Live Stream Replay

The live stream is free however we ask that anyone who has the means to support these broadcasts consider contributing a cover charge or ticket price - just as you would to see to see the band in a club or concert hall. Our suggested amount is $20 per person, but of course, any amount will help - and for those who are able to do more, we welcome that. While these streams can never replace the lost income we have had this year, every little bit helps. If you are so inclined, the contribution lick is

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New Promo Video

Check it out - The Got What You Need Promotional Video!

Our new CD, Got What You Need, is now available for Purchase and Download!


From the liner notes by Bill Wax - "One of the joys of the Blues for me is to walk into a bar and there is a band on stage whom I have never heard of.  The four of them operating as one, playing some covers with a few originals mixed in.  Just churning out real good music for those of us lucky enough to be there that night. Well that is what Bad Influence has created with "Got What You Need," their latest disc".

This new disc features a mix of original and favorite classics that we've been playing for years. Order it NOW!

What the critics say..

“Got What You Need is simply good fun, delivered by a band that knows how to choose songs and to play them in ways that guarantee that no one turns off this album without having danced across the floor, held a lover close, or smiled knowingly about just how good the blues can make you feel” - Henry L. Carrigan Jr., Living Blues Magazine. Read the entire review.

“This Mid-Atlantic blues band has what it takes to be a great band. They write great new songs. They play well individually and together” - Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine. Read the entire review.

“Jr Tash has a blues-rock edge in his tone and attack, but his solos are smartly constructed, imaginative, and focused” - Ron Weinstock, DC Blues Society Blues Messenger. Read the entire review.

“Had I been a "Male Man" like Roger Edsall, instead of being a mailman like I actually was, I may have never left the post office.” - Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blewzzman's CD Reviews. Read the entire review.

Last year, 2018, marked 30 years since Bad Influence® was formed. The original band made up of Michael Tash, Rick Haveland, Tom Swanton, and Fred Hillyard started out playing the blues in November of 1988. The lineup changed over the first couple of years ending up in 1993 with the current line up of Bob Mallardi, Roger Edsall, Michael Tash and David Thaler. We're very excited to be playing together, with the same line up, for 25 years!

We want to thank everyone for 30 years of support for our music and the blues!

The band in the early '90s.

The current lineup.


The Blues - Washington, DC Style

Staying at the apex of the mid-Atlantic region's competitive blues and roots music scene for a career that spans three decades isn't easy. But that's what the Bad Influence Band has done.. even while extending their reputation across the country thanks to wildly entertaining, high-energy performances, extensive airplay and three well-received albums.

Whether performing at a festival, on a stage at Kennedy Center or on Memphis' hallowed Beale Street, the four-piece group featuring guitarist Michael Tash, harmonica ace and singer Roger Edsall, bassist-vocalist Bob Mallardi and drummer David Thaler are unabashed crowd pleasers thanks to their expert ensemble playing, strong melodies, addictive grooves, sly original songwriting and sheer intensity.

"The most important thing is that everybody has fun, the audience and us," explains bandleader Tash. "Whether we're playing an original song or a classic, we're going to put our hearts and souls into it in a way that people can hear, see and practically touch."

Hear them tell the Bad Influence story

From The Vault - The Band Plays Vegas..

Check out the band playing in the Gibson Guitars Showroom in Las Vegas a few years ago.

Under The Influence - A "Pick To Click" on SiriusXM

Under The InfluenceThe Bad Influence Band's last CD, Under The Influence, was a B.B. King's Bluesville, SiriusXM 70 Pick to Click! Not only was this album a finalist in the International Blues Challenge for Best Self Produced Recording, it was nominated by the Washington Area Music Association for Best Blues Recording of 2012. The album has been getting a lot of airplay on satellite and terrestrial radio alike. But you don't have to wait to hear it on the radio! Visit the Store and get your copy today!

Where To See The Band

Bad Influence plays across the US, with a strong focus on the Mid-Atlantic region. Check the Schedule page for the latest updates.